Kyanite Bangle


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Wrist Size: medium
Stone Size: 16 x 20mm

Beautifully clear, royal blue kyanite. Hand-dug 5000m high in the Nepal Himalayas.

The silver is finely hand-carved on the sides and back of the stone, in our signature Ozmomo setting. The band is solid silver and carved all around.
This bangle is a one-off piece, with the carving pattern designed and hand-made especially for this individual stone.
Fasten the bangle with a hook on the band to a ring on the side of the stone. The bangle is secure on your wrist, with a groove to the side of the ring so that the hook has to be moved sideways to unclip.
This bangle is very comfortable and hard-wearing, and fine to wear and enjoy in the water and in everyday life!

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