About Us

Ozmomo is the creation of Jono and Naomi, a couple living in north Queensland, Australia.
We use all natural stones and fine (98% pure) silver to create our unique designs of natural jewellery.

Beginning by fossicking stones and learning lapidary to cut and polish the stones we had found, we still collect our stones ourselves from a wide variety of often remote locations both in Australia and overseas, especially in Nepal. There we source stones directly from villagers in the Himalayas who hand-dig them. We support these people by paying them directly very fair prices, and the environment by supporting low-impact stone collecting methods.

Examples of the stones we find there are dravite tourmaline, kyanite, garnet, aquamarine and a variety of quartz.

Every stone in our jewellery is especially chosen for its beauty and quality.

Hand-crafted Jewellery
Our own unique designs of silver settings are hand-crafted in Nepal, where we travel regularly and work directly with our silversmiths. We incorporate their specialised technique of hand-carving silver into our designs, making each piece unique.

The patterns are cut out of the silver using a hand-saw. Using an extra high purity of silver (98% silver to 2% copper) is helpful for the carving technique. We have developed an excellent relationship with our silversmiths and their families over the past 7 years, and we enjoy seeing our part in keeping their traditional craft alive in these challenging times of modernisation.

Ozmomo jewellery is both high quality and comfortable, great to wear every day, or to sparkle up those special occasions.

We hope you enjoy!

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