Dravite Tourmaline Earrings


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Amazingly clear, deep amber coloured dravite tourmaline stones. These are the points from the end of a tourmaline crystal in their natural shape but polished to bring out the beautiful shine. You can see the rings of colours in the stone when you look through, which form when conditions change as the crystal is growing – green around the outside, then a yellowy amber and a deeper amber colour in the centre. Unique beauties!

Stone Size: 16x19mm

The silver is finely hand-carved on the sides and back of the stones, in our signature Ozmomo setting. The hooks are securely soldered to the main setting, and clip in on the back to a security hook, meaning you can enjoy these earrings without fear of them falling out!
Each pair of earrings are unique, with the carving pattern designed and hand-made especially for these individual stones.
These earrings are comfortable and hard-wearing, and fine to wear and enjoy in the water and in everyday life!

All Ozmomo pieces come with a pouch made from recycled saris.

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