Rainbow Moonstone

A look into the beauty and power of the Rainbow Moonstone.

With its luminescent shine of mystical blues along with all colours of the rainbow, it is hard to find a more beautiful stone than Rainbow Moonstone. The colours constantly change as you move and sometimes it looks like it emits its own light.

Where does the colour come from?

Actually coloured clear to white, Rainbow Moonstone reflects the light off hidden layers within the stone’s structure and this is what creates the spectacular play of colours, similar to a butterfly wing or Opal. 

What is Rainbow Moonstone?

Rainbow Moonstone is a variety of feldspar rock; it is also known as White Labradorite. It is often known as just “moonstone”, although the traditional moonstone is a closely related but different type of feldspar, sometimes showing a blue sheen but rarely the rainbow spectrum seen in Rainbow Moonstone. Most Rainbow Moonstone found is a milky-white, mostly opaque colour, and many have only a slight or even no colour sheen. The clearer stones with a bright coloured sheen are the higher quality and rarer stones, which we always strive for in our jewellery! Totally clear stones with good “fire” (or iridescence) and no inclusion are very rare, and therefore expensive. Clearer stones will nearly always have some inclusion, and this is also a good indication that the stone is natural. Larger sized stones of high quality are also rare. Hardness is 6-6 1/2 on the Mohs’ scale, which means it is hardwearing enough for normal use, although it may need a re-polish after many years of constant wear.

What are the healing powers of Rainbow Moonstone?

Rainbow Moonstone has many of the same healing properties as other types of moonstone, and some say it has a stronger vibration so that healing effects are amplified. It is the archetypal feminine stone, connecting to the energy of the moon, and traditionally believed to help in pregnancy and childbirth, as well as in all aspects of women’s health. It connects us to our intuitive and spiritual sides, and can help to balance emotional stress. It encourages introspection and helps us to discover hidden truths in ourselves. It teaches patience and understanding, and brings light to our hearts. Rainbow Moonstone is particularly known as a strong psychic protection stone. As it enhances our intuition, we should also be careful that it does not induce illusions in response to wishful thinking. Around the time of the full moon emotions may become overwhelming, and in this case some people may need to remove moonstones at this time.

Rainbow Moonstone is said to be powerful for women.

It has been said that all women should have a piece of moonstone! It can also be helpful for men who would like to explore these “feminine” aspects in themselves.

Where do we source our Rainbow Moonstone?

Bihar, India. We source these stones directly from specialised cutters in India who operate a small family business.


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