Our chrysoprase comes from the Marlborough area of central Queensland.


Chrysoprase is one of our favourite stones, being from Queensland, and having the most luscious and uplifting bright green colour. 

Where do we source our Chrysoprase?

Our chrysoprase comes from the Marlborough area of central Queensland, which is currently one of the best deposits in the world – famous for its high quality, bright apple-green stone. Chrysoprase is now also mined in Tanzania, but the Marlborough deposit in Queensland is famous for the best quality stone.

Where does Chrysoprase get it’s colour and why is it so valuable?

It glows in the light because of its translucency, and keeps a beautiful high polish because of its texture and very good hardness (above 7 on the mohs’ scale). The brighter coloured, translucent stones, with minimal inclusion are the most valuable, and hardest to obtain. Chrysoprase is the rarest and most valuable stone in the chalcedony group, and high quality chrysoprase is one of the most valuable of all semi-precious stones. The green colour comes from nickel. 

What is the history of Chrysoprase?

Chrysoprase was used as a gemstone in ancient Greece, where it got its name which means “gold-leek”. It was very popular in Europe around the 14th century due to what was possibly the world’s largest deposit in Poland, but that deposit has since been used up. 

How has Chrysoprase helped Ozmomo?

Personally for us at Ozmomo, chrysoprase was one of the first stones that we worked with, and we believe that its attributed healing properties of bringing out hidden talents and creativity, truth, compassion and fidelity, helped us along the path of bringing Ozmomo to were we are today!

What are the healing properties of Chrysoprase?

Chrysoprase is known as a “truth” stone, helping us to recognise truth and genuine love, and to prepare ourselves and our hearts for commitment to compassionate and nourishing relationships. It helps us to let go of old emotional patterns and behaviours. Chrysoprase helps us to connect with the spirit of nature and the Earth, reminding us that we are connected to all living beings, and to accept the love, joy and prosperity that we are given by the Earth, as well as to treat others with compassion. Chrysoprase encourages us to follow our hearts in our creativity and explore our hidden talents. It is also very calming and helps to prevent nightmares and restless sleep.


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