The Allure of Kyanite:

A look at the history and healing of a wonderful stone

When it comes to jewellery, Kyanite crystals and sterling silver or gold are a match made in heaven.

Whether it’s in rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants, bangles and more – kyanite is the top choice for fabulous natural stone handmade jewellery. Most kyanite is opaque or only slightly translucent; the clearer stones with a deep blue colour are rarer and most highly sought after for use in jewellery. Faceting quality kyanite is rare. The clear blue stones can look very similar to a sapphire. The most prized stones are transparent and deep cornflower blue, pale blue, or bluish green in color and is often mistaken for sapphire and aquamarine. Nepal is famous for its very high quality and larger sized blue kyanite. It is often fashioned into long rectangular and step cuts or into oval cabochons and sometimes has magnetic properties similar to tourmaline. While originally used in spark plugs due to its strength, the better quality stones are more translucent.

Where do we source our Kyanite?

We source our beautiful, high-quality, blue kyanite directly from local villagers in West Nepal where they hand-dig them. They are found around 5000m high in the Himalayas, which makes them a challenging stone to collect and only a short season is available when they are not under snow. Kyanite is a beautiful mineral which forms in flat blade-like crystals, often in layers. It has an unusual hardness property, where the hardness along the crystal axis is 4.5 and across the axes it is 6 to 7. Kyanite has traditionally been used in the manufacturing of spark plugs as well as in ceramic products, including dishes and plumbing fixtures. The more beautiful translucent and rare versions of Kyanite are used in jewellery for it’s incredible properties.

How does Kyanite heal? 

Kyanite is an indispensable stone for attunement and meditation. Spiritual experts believe that kyanite is a calming stone that boasts myriad healing powers. Since time immemorial this gem has been used to rattle anger and frustration into oblivion.

Kyanite has a calming effect on the whole being, ushering in total tranquillity. It aligns all chakras and strikes a subtle balance of yin and yang, dispelling blockages and gently moving energy across the body. This way, it can whisk away all your frustration, anger, and stress, revving up your capacity for logical and linear thought. In a way, you can say kyanite is a magnificent pain/stress reliever as well as a natural remedy for a broad spectrum of disorders and illnesses.

Healing properties of kyanite are known to be specific to the colour: 

  • Black Kyanite: It grounds the body when aligning the chakras thereby removing unwanted energies, releasing blockages, and channelling positive energy.
  • Blue Kyanite: It opens the communication channels allowing you to express the essence of peace and calm.
  • Green Kyanite: It’s the heart chakra; it strengthens the heart instilling love and compassion for others.
  • Orange Kyanite: It clears the inertia throughout your being uplifting both your spirit and mind.

A little history

Its name comes from the Greek word Kyanos which translates to the colour blue. In the 19th Century sojourners would suspend a piece of kyanite using a strand of hair to act like a compass needle. A true testament to the wonderful sense of direction and purpose a piece of Kyanite can bring you.

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